Become a Mentor

Are you a recognized expert in a particular field that you are willing to share with others or serve as a mentor? If so, consider becoming a mentor within the Slavic Interest Group.

All SIG members allow people to contact them for discussions on their expertise, but being a mentor represents a higher level of involvement. Like being a Laurel in the SCA (and Laurels are more than welcome to sign up!), a mentor agrees to share their art and help to development/instill the dissemination of knowledge.

There are no specific requirements for becoming a mentor, but there is an expectation that you will be an established expert in the fields you list in your entry and that you will respond to queries from both friend and stranger.

All applications will be reviewed and the applicant contacted after submitting this form.

The list of mentors will be posted on a public website with the contact information that you specify.

To apply, fill out the following information:

SCA Name:
Modern Name:
Geographic Vacinity (Kingdom, etc):
Preferred Contact Method:
Contact Information:
Area(s) of Expertise:
Awards Received (with reasons and year):
Email Address: (correspondance with SIG only)

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This page was last modified on September 22, 2007.