Trouble With the Mongols and the Germans
(Part One)

In this year Batu's Tatars conquered the Ugrians, and took Menush the king's son with their hands, and brought him to Batu together with many great commanders.

And in this year Batu's Tatars did slay Prince Mstislav of Rylsk.

And in this year, dissensions arose between Novgorodians and Grand Prince Aleksandr Iaroslavich; and there was a great strife in Novgorod.

And Aleksandr left them and went to his father, Iaroslav Vsevolodovich, Grand Prince of Vladimir; accompanied by his mother, and the Princess, and all his court.

And in this year, the Germans of Bear's Head, Yuriev, and Velyad , in alliance with Prince Iaroslav Vladimirovich, took the fortress of Izborsk.

And the report reached Pskov of Izborsk being taken by the Germans;

and the whole city came forth against them, and fought against them fiercely. And there was a great slaughter. Here was slain the commander Gavrila Gorislavich, and the Pskovians were beaten. And many were driven back towards the city.

And the suburbs were all set on fire. And much evil was wrought; and churches were burned down, with the holy icons, and all church property.

And many villages around Pskov were laid waste. And the enemy sat before the town for a week but did not enter it.

And they took many children of eminent citizens [as hostages] and led them into captivity. And went off again without a peace treaty; for there were traitors among the Pskovians: Tverdilo Ivankovich with some others had called in the Germans,

and now began to rule in Pskov together with them, raiding Novgorodian villages.

And some of the Pskovians fled to Novgorod with their wives and children, to escape the violence of the Germans.

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