Trouble With the Mongols and the Germans
(Part Two)

And in the winter of this same year of Grand Prince Aleksandr's homecoming after his great victory, the Germans and Chud again came from the west to wage war against the Vod, and ravaged the whole land, and exacted tribute from them.

And built a fortress in the Koporye parish, in the hereditary lands of Grand Prince Aleksandr.

Nor did the evil end here; but they seized Tyosovo, and raided the country to within thirty versts of Novgorod, murdering the merchants; and on this side, even as far as the Luga River, and Sablia.

And returned home with many captives. And besides made some of the towns pay them tribute.

And then the Novgorodians sent their envoys with a petition to Grand Prince Iaroslav Vsevolodovich, pleading for one of his sons to come and rule them. And he sent to them his son Prince Andrei; but they begged hard for Grand Prince Aleksandr, and him he would not send.

And the Novgorodians went to Novgorod, and reported all that Iaroslav had said, and how he would not send Grand Prince Aleksandr to rule over them.

And in this year Novgorodians convened a veche, according to their custom, and sent their Archbishop Spiridon, with some nobles and foremost citizens, to Grand Prince Iaroslav Vsevolodovich, to present again their petition, pleading for Grand Prince Aleksandr to come and rule them.

And Archbishop Spiridon, with the aforesaid nobles and eminent citizens of Novgorod, did wait upon Grand Prince Iaroslav Vsevolodovich in Vladimir, petitioning him, on behalf of the whole of Novgorod, that he send Grand Prince Aleksandr Iaroslavich to rule over Novgorod. And he laid the blame entirely on the men of Novgorod, saying that "they did wrong to raise so great a strife, and to quarrel with your son, Grand Prince Aleksandr. And we wish you would put aside your displeasure against Novgorod the Great in this matter, and send us again your son Aleksandr to rule over us."

And he sent to them his son Prince Aleksandr.

And in this year Lithuanian and German raiding bands came to the land of Novgorod, and did much evil, and departed.

And in this year Batu's Tatars conquered the Bulgars living on the Volga and Kama.

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