Aleksandr Becomes Grand Prince of Novgorod

In the year 6750 (1242) Grand Prince Aleksandr Iaroslavich arrived in Novgorod, and with him Archbishop Spiridon and the nobles. And the Novgorodians welcomed them at the city gate in a procession carrying crosses.

And they installed him in the office of their Grand Prince with many honors, and there was great rejoicing in Novgorod.

And in a short while he led the men of Novgorod, Ladoga, Korela, and Izhora against the German fortress at Koporye,

and razed it to the ground, and made a slaughter among the Germans.

And brought some of them to Novgorod with him, and let others depart to their German land; for he was merciful beyond measure.

But the traitors of Vod and Chud he hanged. And went again to Perestavi which is upon Lake Kleshchino.

And in the winter season of the third year after the victory of Grand Prince Aleksandr over the king, the Germans of the near side assembled together, and came to Pskov, and defeated Pskovian troops. And set their own men to govern Pskov.

Hearing of this, Grand Prince Aleksandr was much aggrieved by the shedding of Christian blood. And tarrying not a moment - for his heart was aflame with eagerness and zeal for the Holy Trinity and Hagia Sophia -

he took with him one of his brothers, and all his force, and came to Novgorod, and worshiped at the Church of Hagia Sophia with prayer and weeping.

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