And that is what I have heard from an eyewitness: he told me how he saw the God's hosts in heaven come to the aid of Grand Prince Aleksandr. And he won by the might of God, and Hagia Sophia, and the holy martyrs Boris and Gleb who had shed their blood for their homeland. And the enemy turned their backs and fled, and were smitten in flight as if by pursuers speeding through the air. And there was no way for them to escape, and they were stricken down on the ice over a stretch of seven versts, as far as the Subolichi bank. And there fell five hundred Germans, and an incalculable multitude of Chud. And fifty German nobles, men of rank and great commanders, were seized and carried to Novgorod. And some were drowned in water, and others badly wounded, and escaped. And all this happened on 5 April, on the day of the Praise of the Holy Mother of God, and the memory of the holy martyr Claudianus.

Here God exalted Grand Prince Aleksandr Iaroslavich before all nations, as He did exalt Joshua the son of Nun at Jericho. For the Germans had said, "We shall seize Grand Prince Aleksandr with our hands." But God delivered them into his hands. And never was there a foe who could match him in battle.

As Grand Prince Aleksandr was returning victorious and with glory, his troops led many captives; those that called themselves riders, did walk by the horses' side.

And when Grand Prince Aleksandr approached the town of Pskov, he was met outside the city by hegoumenoi and priests wearing their vestments of office, with crosses in their hands, and by great crowds, all singing praise to the Lord and to Grand Prince Aleksandr Iaroslavich, "O Lord, Thou who hast helped the meek David to overcome the aliens, and our faithful prince to do the same; by the weapon of the cross, and by the arm of Grand Prince Aleksandr Iaroslavich, hast Thou delivered the town of Pskov from men of alien tongues and races."

And the glory of the name of Grand Prince Aleksandr Iaroslavich spread throughout all lands, from the Varangian Sea to the Pontic Sea and the Sea of Khupozh, and as far as the lands of Tabriz, and the Mountains of Ararat - from the far shore of the Varangian Sea to the Mountains of Arabia. And to Great Rome itself did his fame spread among thousands, and thousands of thousands.

And so, having won this great victory, he came to Novgorod.

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