Welcome to Slovo, the quarterly newsletter of the Slavic Interest Group. This newsletter is provided free-of-charge via the web to all parties interested in Medieval Russia and its surrounding Slavic neighbors. The name of the newsletter comes from the Slavic word for "the word."

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Submission Deadlines and Guidelines

Articles and submissions are due to the editor by the first of each quarter (Jan 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1). Submissions should be of interest to people who research and recreate the medieval Slavic world. Please contact the editor for details about editorial and submission guidelines. Slovo is published on the web as soon as possible and hard copy are mailed to those people who do not have web-access. E-mail reminders of submission deadlines and notification of the completion and mailing of the newsletter are sent to those members with email.

Requests to reprint any material should be directed to the specific authors (who retain the rights to their works). For reprints of unattributed materials, contact the editor.

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