Fall AS XLVII (2012)
Volume XVIII, Issue 1 (#67)

From the Nachalnik

Just a quick note for a brief issue of Slovo . No articles this time, but I do have a few tidbits I picked up on the Slavic Listserv (for those of you that aren't subscribers). Obviously, we're looking for material, so contact me if you have something for the Winter issue. Otherwise, I'll probably have to do shadow puppets!

My special thanks out to Peotr Alexeivich for his generous donation. Thanks!



Some items picked up on SIG-L (our Yahoo!Group):

•  Ffride (quokkaqueen@hotmail.com) recently posted information about Finnish and Estonian mittens: “ Fennoscandia Archaeologica , a few years ago, put up all of their back issues of their journal online, in PDF format for free. For some reason, the links broke rather quickly, but it seems to be back now:

Jüri Peets, 1987. “Totenhandschuhe im Bestattungsbrauchtum der Esten und anderen Ostseefinnen” [Mittens of the dead in the funeral customs of the Estonians, and other Baltic Finns] Fennoscandia Archaeologica IV; 105-116

Leena Tomanterä, 1987. “Appendix: Nadelhandschuhe aus der jüngeren Eisenzeit in Finnland” [Needle-mittens from the younger Iron Age in Finland] Fennoscandia Archaeologica IV; 117-120.

For more articles, see: http://www.sarks.fi/fa/fa_articles.html


•  Fevronia Murometsa ( Owlharp@juno.com ) posted: “This may have already come up on the list, but I just wanted to pass along a URL to a wonderful site. There's a guy in Riga, Latvia who does period jewelry, in a shop at a local castle. His name is Daumants Kalnis, and his website is www.kalve.cesis.lv

“A friend of mine visited Riga this summer and was very impressed with him and his creations. WELL worth taking a look at, and the prices aren't too horrible, either!”


•  Juliana brought to our attention an interesting discussion group (http://steppes.proboards.com/ ) and a recent discussion about Hungarian clothing at http://steppes.proboards.com/index.cgi? board=board19&action=print&thread=1225


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