Paul Wickenden of Thanet, ODH, OSO, OW, APF, OIW, AoA

Although I am probably best known for my Dictionary of Period Russian Names and that particular work has eaten up the greatest amount of my time, I have had the opportunity to write a series of shorter (and less ambitious) works about medieval Russia. I have collected these articles here for your perusual. And, of course, you can always look at the Dictionary, but remember that it is only the second edition. The third edition is not available on-line. If you want to purchase a copy, contact Free Trumpet Press (and no, in answer to the rumors: I don't make a penny off of the sale of it).

Copyright Notice: I prefer to maintain my intellectual property rights over all of these works (some of them, after all, represent significant amounts of effort), but I am more than willing to share them and even allow reprinting rights as long as I am contacted in advance. The best way to reach me is probably by email at

Naming Practices and Heraldry

  • Notes on a Slavic Bestiary (2005)
  • Period Russian Heraldry (2003)
  • Occupational Bynames in Medieval Russia (2001)
  • Botanical Bynames in Medieval Russia (2000)
  • Spelling Russian Names in Period English (2000) -- to view this file, you may need to switch your browser to the "Cyrillic (Windows 1251)" Character Set
  • Zoological Bynames in Medieval Russia (2000)
  • Russian for Court Heralds (2000)
  • Russian Ornithological Bynames (2000)
  • Russian Feminine Names on the Western Borderlands (1997)
  • Dictionary of Period Russian Names (1996, 2nd Edition)
  • Locative Bynames in Medieval Russia (1996)
  • A Chicken Is Not A Bird: Feminine Personal Names in Medieval Russia (1995)
  • Period Russian Names (1993)

    Love and Romance

  • Period Lust (1997)
  • A Russian Wedding (1994)

    Everyday Life

  • Giles Fletcher and the Russians (2005)
  • How to Research Without Knowing the Language (2005)
  • A 16th Century Russian Will (2000)
  • Are Sarafans Period? (2000)
  • The Art of Onfim: Medieval Novgorod Through the Eyes of a Child (1999)
  • Medieval Children's Art (1995)

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